Touchdown Spaces For The Modern Workplace

Touchdown Spaces

Touchdown spaces are swiftly becoming a necessity in the modern workplace. While a productive and comfortable workplace means something different to everyone, having options available to encourage everyone to find their optimal work environment is a great way to provide autonomy to your employees. Flexible workstations allow for work to be done outside of the traditional desk – maybe you work best from a couch or an outside table. Touchdown spaces are perfect for the modern, hybrid work approach when not everyone is at the office every day.

What You Need


Everyone needs access to certain things. Chief among them is electricity. More than two-thirds of the workforce use a laptop versus a desktop, or at least can. Being mobile is increasingly important. What do you need when you use a laptop? A power source. A plug-and-play approach to working is what can most improve productivity and efficiency. You want people to be able to quickly sit down and start to work, not spend time searching for the nearest outlet.


Most people don’t eat the same thing every day. Nor do they want to work in the same space every day. It often stifles creativity when you don’t have the opportunity to shift your perspective. Having several spaces available in which to work can help boost not only creativity but also workplace morale. Monday: desk. Tuesday: couch. Wednesday: coffee bar. Thursday: quiet room. Friday: meeting room.


We all know that meetings either run long or start late sometimes. While waiting for a meeting to begin, or waiting for access to a conference room, encourage people to keep working with spaces to sit and work just outside of meeting areas. A simple couch with a coffee table can help to improve output and quickly send off two emails while waiting for access to the conference room.

Modular Furniture

With modern, modular furniture, you can easily adjust a space to your advantage. Having flexible options that allow for collaboration is essential. Furniture that can easily be moved around will encourage employees to collaborate more often. And we all know that Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.


While some people thrive in a space with everyone around them and the buzz of office noise, some need a quiet, private space in which to work. Consider making “quiet rooms”, where white noise is playing to cover the office noise. Having size-inclusive furniture available in quiet spaces can keep employees not only happy, but also healthy.