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Countless Office Products to Choose From

LAOP partners with a wide array of ergonomic office product manufacturers. The development of various ergonomic office products has led to the production of commercial office products that come in all shapes and sizes, improve safety and comfort, and increase productivity.

Ergonomic office products can range from furniture and accessories like specialized keyboards and monitors to ergonomic presentation pointers or wireless headsets. Due to the large selection, it is advisable to consult with us before ordering, especially if you are purchasing large quantities or are attempting to alleviate a specific medical condition.

A defining characteristic of the ergonomic workstation is a well-designed articulating keyboard and display system that helps promote a comfortable, healthy posture. Humanscale keyboard supports bring the work to you, allowing you to recline back in your chair while providing protection from carpel tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, and other musculoskeletal ailments.